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Photo of Jane Emmnuel:  Author, Key Interactive Books

Since leaving college, Jane has taught singing, music theory and musicianship skills in schools, universities and in her own studio, to students aged 4 to 80, coming across countless happy performers reluctant to engage with ‘the theory’.  


She is passionate about enabling anyone who wants to understand and speak this universal language, and is delighted to be working with Mark Proctor on their first joint project to bring the theory of music to life.

Photo by Alice Cunliffe Photography

Jane Emmanuel has been excited by the challenge and logic of music theory since she began taking piano lessons in her early teens, and she has been enthusing about it to her own students for over 30 years.  

As a professional singer, mostly choral, she has sung with London Voices, Sinfonietta Voices, the Royal Opera and others, covering repertoire from the 16th to the 21st Century, in concerts, broadcasts, film scores and staged performances.  From her life as a session singer, she knows very well the value of being able to digest a written score both quickly and accurately.

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