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Our author, Jane Emmanuel, will be appearing at the

music&drama education expo


                  March 4, 2020

              Olympia London


          in the Sharing Lab

Session titled:

Music Theory for the 21st-Century Student


due to illness

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Minim / Half Note

Music Theory for the 21st Century Student

Following our announcement that our Author, Jane Emmanuel, has been invited to present at the Music & Drama Education Expo in London on March 4, 2020, we can now bring you more details.


About Jane... 

Jane has been teaching singing to youngsters for over 30 years, covering classical song, musical theatre, traditional and popular genres, and she is passionate about underpinning her students’ developing vocal techniques with a rounded and rooted theoretical understanding of the music they are performing.  She also teaches her own ‘Accelerated Grade 5 Theory Course’ in both private one-to-one lessons, and in class sessions at The King’s School, Peterborough, UK. 


About the session ...

Jane will be using our new Multi-Touch ebook ‘Keys to Music Theory 1’, available on Apple devices, and she will be offering suggestions on how to make music theory an easily digestible part of every instrumental or singing lesson - from laying down the basics of notation at the very outset, through to engaging the more advanced student with complexities such as extreme intervals, compound time and the mastery of irregular beaming. 


The two day Expo is free to attend and is full of exciting sessions - there will be something for everyone.  There are limited spaces in the Sharing Lab where Jane is presenting, so be sure to get there in good time.

You can register for the whole Expo via this link 

For the Show Guide 

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