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A is for Animations... to help clarify the concepts of music theory in a fun and entertaining way.  A is also for hundreds of audio files...

A is for Animations to help clarify the concepts of music theory in a fun and entertaining way.​  A is also for hundreds of audio files...

* Not available on Android versions.

B is for ​Buttons to push and pop to engage the reader, give more information and to individualize the reader's journey.

C is for clear Chapters on music theory, starting with the very basics...

D is for dynamically designed Diagrams to involve the reader and really pull them in...​

E is for engaging, Expanding examples to get up close and see the details...​

is for frequent Figures throughout the book to help bring the theory to life...​

is for a great, extensive Glossary that is like a second bonus book within the book.

G is also for Games (for a little bit of good fun)..​.

is for all the Highlighting you want to do in a bright range of colors.

H is also for 'Hint' buttons to give you clues to help you understand and remember...​

* Not available on all Android versions.

I is for inventive Interactives that respond to a tap, with information and/or color...​

J and K are for Jumping Kangaroos to help with your understanding of pulse and time..​.

is for 'Learn more' buttons to help you dive further into the material...

M isof course, for Music, Music, Music... with hundreds of sound files for you to enjoy...​

* Sound files not available on Android versions.

is for 'Notes' that allow you to type your own thoughts, ideas and clarifications right into the book...​

* Not available on all Android versions.

is for Only available on Apple Books...​

* Not all feautures are available on Android versions.

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is for Perfect pages and pages on 'Perfect'...​

Q is for quick Quizzes at the end of each section that keep you on top of the material and offer you instant feedback...​

R is for Reviews at the end of each chapter that use games and interactive elements to help you master the material in an entertaining way...​ 

S is for 'Study Cards' that are like 'Flash Cards' for over 200 words and terms.  S is also for hundreds of Sound files...​

* Not available on Android.   Only available on Apple versions.

T is for the Table of Contents, and for Thumbnails that help you to move quickly and easily through the book...​

* On Android the thumbnails may be replaced by a scrubber bar for speedy navigation through the pages.

U is for US buttons that clarify unique terminology used in the United States...​

is for the Value of having a very visual book...​

is for the world of wonderful Widgets waiting to be discovered...​

* Not all of the widgets are supported on Android, and so some information will be displayed differently.

... to be continued.

X invites you to xplore and xtend your knowlege with xhaustive Xplanations to xpedite your learning...​

Y is for You.  Make this book really yours - your highlights, your notes, your colours, your study cards...

* Not all feautures are available on Android versions.

Z is for ​the learning Zone:  Start your journey with Chapter 1 for the best pathway to the zenith of your capabilities...

To see the whole A to Z series in video form, just click on this 'YouTube' link.

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