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Sharp:  A sharp raises the pitch of a note by a semitone / half step
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As seen in MUSIC TEACHER magazine:

"Keys to Music Theory 1 is an impressive resource, packed full of important information that is stylishly packaged with innovative technical features."

"What is on offer here - a clear and thorough instructional guide to music theory - is text based, with the ebook technology used to provide a broad and impressive range of supplementary features."

"Each chapter is as comprehensive as you could wish for, and the presentation is both colourful and clean."

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" The material is presented in a colorful, attractively designed interactive format that encourages readers’ active engagement through self-testing, quizzes, chapter reviews, animations and listening examples."

"... lively and inviting, beautifully written and executed."

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"This is an imaginative, appealing and comprehensive 'step-by-step' theory guide for any music student."

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"... invaluable and comprehensive resource for teaching music theory to children and adults alike... extremely accessible and fun."

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