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Jane and Mark at Key Interactive Books are very aware of the impact that the spread of Covid-19 has had on the way in which instrumental and singing teachers have been able to teach their students. We are keen to help with the delivery of online lessons at this time and so we are offering some free and downloadable resources.  These comprise a series of 5 lesson plans based on Jane’s presentation : ‘Music Theory for the 21st Century Student’, which was due to have been given at the Music and Drama Education Expo in London, on 4th March this year - sadly cancelled due to illness. 

This material takes 5 well known traditional tunes and gives comprehensive suggestions on how to use them - and by extension any line of music - to introduce your student to the various elements of music theory.   Also included are notes on compositional structure and general musical knowledge, together with numerous fun activities to help develop and strengthen musicianship.   All of these lessons can be found on our ‘Resources’ page…